Not So Sorry Justin Bieber Punches Spanish Fan In The Mouth

As if Justin Bieber’s reputation couldn’t get much worse, the Sorry singer only goes and punches a defenceless fan in the mouth.

Bieber was being driven to his gig venue in Barcelona when a fan got a little too close for comfort and received a knuckle sandwich in the face.

The Spanish fan, who is believed to be a minor, stepped back in sheer horror after realizing his face was bleeding. As you can see from the this clip, the boy was seriously confused and upset.

As other fans crowded around the boy, one asked, “Who did that to you, Justin?”

Police have confirmed they will not be pursuing an investigation unless the fan files a formal complaint.

As the boy did not require medical attention, the act is not being considered a crime. Maybe next time the diehard fan will learn to keep his distance. A spokesman for the Mossos d’Esquadra confirmed this morning: “What’s occurred here is what would be considered a misdemeanour rather than a crime.”

It looks like the singer got off lightly this time… Oh Bieber, don’t underestimate the power of an iPhone and social media!

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