Child Stars You’ll Barely Recognize Anymore

Child stars don’t quite have the amazing life people would expect. Being torpedoed into fame and the Hollywood lifestyle at a young age can have detrimental effects on how a child grows up, haunting them in their life as adults. And since you can hardly get a grown-up to play a child in a movie, we’ve pretty much had to accept that child stars will always be a part of showbiz.

Some child stars manage to shake off the “child star” stamp, however. The only real way to do this is to, well, not look like your younger self. Let’s take a look at some ex-child stars that you would probably not even recognize anymore.

Lukas Haas
Lukas Haas started his career in Witness, the 1985 Harrison Ford movie. Since then, he starred in Mars Attacks, Zoolander Inception and The Revenant, mostly due to his friendship with Leo DiCaprio.

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